Liar. You toured the stadium on Sunday
by BLACKJACK21 (2013-01-11 16:42:04)

In reply to: Yes, I can explain easily  posted by Winter Celtic

So you drove from Orlando to Miami on Sunday and then back to Miami on Monday?

Tickets cost $325 face (at least) = $650
Stadium Tours cost an estimated $50 each = $100
Gas to/from ATL - Miami = $275
Hotel = $400 (you stayed on South Beach, you did not drive back to Orlando on Sunday and then back to Miami on Monday
Fan Zone was about $35 each = $70
Food and souvenirs = $150

That's at least $1600. And I doubt you got your tickets at face value. So I am guessing you paid about $2000 for the tickets. That brings the total to about $3000.

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