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by Winter Celtic (click here to email the poster) (2013-01-11 16:42:04)

In reply to: Hey WinterCeltic - how was the trip to Miami?  posted by akaRonMexico

I sincerely apologize for bringing the Rocky situation to NDN at all. To be frank, I knew this isn't really the place for such things (which I may have even iterated in the original post) but knew there were a couple animal lovers here so I decided to share Rocky's story here, as I'd already had been doing on my Facebook.

Yes, I failed to mention that I was going to take my son down to Miami to experience the scene down there during the BCS weekend. And I now fully acknowledge that this was also a mistake. I didn't view the two things as mutually exclusive, but as some have pointed out I should have been upfront about it, if for no other reason than full disclosure. But I DID NOT use money raised for Rocky (including my own set aside) for this trip, despite how it might look. And, yes, I know the point is that I went to FL at the same time I was accepting donations for the dog's surgery. Again, I apologize for that and how it may come across.

Because the money donated so far is being held in a Paypal fund I have no qualms about refunding anyone who donated who now feels otherwise. I've already processed one refund from someone on here.

Again, I am sorry. This has been a learning experience for me and I now formally acknowledge my bad judgement. Just know that I was not scamming or conning anyone and that the dog situation is all too real.

With that, I must now actually try to get some work done today.

If anyone wishes to contact me for any further information my email is provided.