Bye Weeks and Trons
by HTownND (2013-10-09 10:05:10)

Like swans to Capistrano.

I humbly submit that we remove one piece of discussion from the great tron debates of NDNation.

They are not innovative. In fact, they are the complete and opposite of innovative.

Some history
The first Jumbotron (Diamond vision) was displayed in the 1985 Worlds Fair (Mitsubishi actually started making Diamond Vision screens in 1980).

Every opponent we have played this season, has a Jumbotron in their home stadium

Temple (via the Eagles)



Michigan State


Arizona State

Given the fact that they have been around for almost 30 years, and virtually everyone else already has one, putting one into ND Stadium wouldn't be innovative at all, and "Rock" wouldn't have approved because it's innovative (I don't think anyone would know what Rock would think about putting a video board in the stadium).