What a joyous time for Notre Dame.
by Bruno95 (2015-02-27 07:44:22)
Edited on 2020-12-22 17:48:04

What is better than the funeral of a great man who lived a long life?

Every entering class at ND is another year removed from the end of Hesburgh's presidency. The current students are in for quite an education this week. The school shaped by Hesburgh accepted the challenge of marrying the great to the good, graduating both the smarter and the better. We are not the elite training ground of the sullen genius, nor the unspoiled, provincial canvas of Catholic orthodoxy. We are, I believe, the best of both worlds, and we have Fr. Ted to thank for this.

I think it's worth noting that our great university figure is not a legendary football coach, but a priest who lived in a library.

After I was accepted to ND, a friend and I were at his house, talking about colleges with his dad. The dad was an immigrant from the Middle East. When I mentioned ND, he said, "that is the man's university!" I said, "no, it's 'Our Lady's university'." He explained further: when he was in college, Fr. Ted came to commencement and was awarded an honorary degree. Fr. Ted delivered a wonderful speech, then stuck around to meet the graduates. My friend's dad said that talking with Hesburgh changed his worldview. Twenty years later, in the American office he never thought he'd have, he still kept a Notre Dame pendant in his desk.

Fr. Hesburgh's worth and impact will never be fully captured, but what fun it will be to try.