My son just texted me the news as well *
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Also on Dillon Hall's...
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...Twitter feed; and Observer has just announced it 3 minutes ago. Seems suitably corroborated.

A major era in ND history has passed; Notre Dame has reached the academic stature that he foresaw in the 1950s, a substantial achievement.

He was always very simple and straightforward, in my experience, which amounted to three personal encounters as a student and several an an alum, usually in connection with the ND Club of Chicago. The most memorable was a luncheon at the Union League Club about 7 or 8 years ago; he said mass at 11 as we sat at our tables, then delivered a memorable talk about the role of women at ND, and how that came about largely through his impetus starting in the later 1960s. At 97, a long and rich life; but still a little hard to believe he's now gone.