I've a great story about that mass.
by OITLinebacker (2015-02-27 19:30:02)

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Everybody is sharing their Father Hesburgh stories, so I have one to tell, one that I've held quietly in my heart for many years.

In the late Summer of 2006, my brother Jonny May (FHSUIRish)​ was told that his cancer would likely kill him by the end of the year. Somehow this got around to the various friends I have around here at the University of Notre Dame​ and they made arrangements for have a special day for Jon. We would get a tour of the Football Stadium, including the locker room, and get to be on the field for the Michigan pregame. The real highlight of the day/weekend was a quiet meeting and mass with Father Hesburgh in his private office in the Library that bears his name.

The meeting and Mass was one of the most spiritual moments of my life. Jon, myself, my father, a good friend of family, and my daughter (2 at the time) were able to pray with Father Hesburgh for Jon, we prayed for God's Healing Grace, we prayed for understanding, and we prayed for God to give us all strength for the battles ahead. In my heart I also made another prayer, a prayer that my single, sick, and hurting brother may have a chance to know the love a wife and family.

Fast forward 2 years. Jon has gone through much pain and suffering, beaten all sorts of odds, and best of all (in answer to the prayers in my heart), married his wife​ in the Log Chapel on campus. I lit a candle that day at the Grotto thanking God for answering the prayer of my heart that day with Father Hesburgh.

While Cancer finally claimed Jon, I focus on the joy and beauty that Jon was able to have in those years he was able to share with us. I attribute the miracle of this time to the prayers we shared with Father Hesburgh and I firmly believe that they wouldn't have been possible without his help and intersession.

I pray that when the day comes I may be worthy enough to speak with Father Hesburgh and Jon again in the kingdom of heaven.