My first encounter with Father Ted
by ND79 (2015-02-27 19:30:02)

In reply to: Fr. Hesburgh, RIP  posted by cousin eddie

My freshman year I lived in Holy Cross Hall and was in concert band. We stayed after our exams to play for graduation. There were three of us who were running VERY late getting to graduation and running as fast as we could carrying our instruments all the way from Holy Cross.

We got to the Dome and were really running out of gas when we heard a voice from behind us, up on the steps, like the voice of God: "I believe you gentlemen are running late." We stopped dead in our tracks because that voice was instantly recognizable: Father Ted. Then we noticed the car parked alongside. "Would you guys like a ride?"

The President of the University of Notre Dame then chauffuered three out of breath band members to the 1976 graduation ceremony. He asked each of us our names, where we were from and how our year had gone. I had the honor of meeting Fr. Ted several times after that in later years and was always amazed that when I introduced myself that he not only remembered me but this incident.

We have lost a great man. RIP Father Ted.