My favorite Fr. Ted story
by rocpe (2015-02-27 19:30:02)

In reply to: Fr. Hesburgh, RIP  posted by cousin eddie

As an Associate Commissioner for Bookstore Basketball, a group of us initiated the Hall of Fame Game matching a presumptive first seed against a "random" team from the pool. One of my dorm mates sought to play in the game with his team. These guys were all well under six feet tall and as unathletic as they come, but they arranged for a limo to take them to the bookstore courts, and brought trampolines so they could dunk in warmups. As gametime approached the bells of the Basilica rang out and Fr. Ted, whom they had invited to be their honorary coach, processed from the Basilica and proceeded to pray for and with them. Fr. Ted gave them Last Rites - in Latin- and stuck around for much of the game interacting with the crowd and posing for pictures. His ability to touch all of those he met in a meaningful way will be missed. RIP Fr. Ted.