One of my jobs at Notre Dame was delivering mail from the
by cj (2015-02-27 19:30:02)

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Administration Building mail room to all the administration offices, campus buildings and departments except dorms. I was so fortunate to be among the first to break the snow on many pre 6 AM mornings. That campus in the early morning moonlight was magic. It was peaceful, alive, vibrant, colorful, comforting and ghostly all at the same time. Iconic statues would come to life as the moon light, snow and shadows played tricks on your brain. I always felt spiritually safe, honored and privileged to walk along and among the enormity that Notre Dame represents.

I saw Father Hesburgh in his Administration office regularly when he was in town. Father Joyce was across the hall. World class does not do justice to these giants. When they weren’t immersed in their work there was always a smile and a twinkle of sincere inquisitiveness about how things were going. Those conversations were never intimidating, always unique and always genuine.

Notre Dame is a perfect reflection of Father Hesburgh's laser vision.

We are all so blessed to have experienced and lived to see such greatness.

Father Hesburgh now joins God in Heaven and rest assured his Spirit will always roam Notre Dame.

God bless Father Ted.

Peace in Christ.