Another Fr. Ted Story
by The_Phoenix (2015-02-27 19:29:41)

Another Fr. Ted Story

My father-in-law, ND 1957, attended on an Engineering Scholarship. He had little interest in engineering, however, and so loaded up on business courses for every elective he could, as he truly desired to be a Banker.

He was devoutly religious, and stop by the Grotto most mornings, very early, to pray. Many mornings he ran into another student, who had much the same routine. Occasionally, both of them would be present and Fr. Ted would arrive. He asked my father-in-law and the other fellow to be his altar servers as Fr. Ted said mass at the Grotto. Over time, my father-in-law developed a deep friendship with Fr. Ted, as you might expect.

Fast-forward to the Spring of 1957. Because he was incredibly smart and hard-working, my father-in-law had actually managed to score the highest GPA in the Business College. However, he received a letter from the Dean, stating that due to the technicality that my father-in-law was not actually enrolled in the College of Business, he would not be allowed to be recognized at graduation.
Being the father of my bride, my father-in-law was incensed and demanded an appeal. The Dean told him he could have his case heard, but it would be by a panel comprised of the Dean and the 2 Assistant Deans, and since the Dean had already expressed his opinion on the matter, chances of reversing the decision were slim. Was there any additional support my father-in-law could enlist? Well, yes, each appellant was entitled to bring a character witness to the hearing. So now you see the set-up.

My father-in-law arrives at the hearing alone, and things are going poorly when his character witness storms in late. Fr. Ted sits down next to my father-in-law, glances at his watch, claims he has pressing matters to attend to, and asks if the hearing is adjourned?

The Deans agree that it is, and my father-in-law was recognized at the 1957 graduation for the highest GPA in the College of Business, in which he never was enrolled.

My father-in-law passed just this last November. I am confident he was one of many in line to greet Fr. Ted last night.