A Story about Father Ted
by ROCKNESGHOST (2015-03-30 23:36:15)

I very rarely post here, but today I feel compelled to tell you on a personal level how Father Ted dropped everything to care for someone who was gravely ill. That someone was my dad and he came to administer my dad his last rites.

When I was growing up in a family of nine children, my dad always told us, (being the die-hard ND fan he is) I want to go out when I am at Notre Dame Stadium and the IRISH are up by a few touchdowns. Well, he almost got his wish…...

My dad had a massive heart attack seconds before Nick Setta kicked the game winning field goal against Purdue in 2000. By the grace of God, a Doctor was in the stadium to administer CPR to him. He was then rushed to the hospital at St Joseph's.

He hung in there and when I came in I whispered, dad you cannot go out like this against a team like Purdue-I said I can see Miami, USC, or FSU. This got his heart beating quickly and I was asked to exit the room as I was getting him too riled up. With this, a lot of touch and go was happening and we did not know if he would make it through the night.

Later in the evening, Father Ted came in to give him his last rites. He prayed over my dad and then whispered something into his ear. I do not know what was said, but after Father left my dad made a full recovery.

I have asked my dad, if he remembers what was said but he claims he does not. I will always cherish this memory and know that Father Ted was always there to be a priest first. He walked the walk.

My hat's off to you Father Ted and I hope The Irish win a NC for you and Ned this year!


P.S.-The day after the game, Nick Setta gave a signed ball to my dad and Bob Chmiel hand delivered it. Nick is from Lockport, IL as is my dad.