Oh shush, spoilsport. Go have a cocktail and calm down.
by kellykapowski (2021-11-29 13:24:59)

In reply to: Finally some reason. I take it one step further.  posted by airborneirish

It’s very easy to click on “ignore poster” when you see a Disney post. Ignore the author and you won’t have to read stories of how we bring our children endless amounts of joy by taking them to the most “magical” and “happiest” places on earth. Perhaps Bonger abound unlock the Romper Room for you to complain in anytime a Disney post appears in the BR. Joking aside, dude, who cares. We’re a quirky group here and for 99% of the posters, a trip to Disney is a big trip that needs to be planned properly. It shouldn’t be such a fiasco doing so, but it is. Let it go.