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by Kbyrnes (2021-11-29 13:24:59)

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...When our tykes were, well, tykes, going to Walt Disney World (WDW) or Disneyland in Anaheim (DL) was all about experiencing the rides, because we thought of these as amusement parks, not total experiences. My first visit to DL was in 1968 and we stayed at a hotel nearby and just walked across Harbor Blvd to the park. Where the California Adventure is now located was a big surface parking lot.

Now, if we were to go, it would be more to soak up the experience as a part of Americana than to go on rides; not that I don't think the rides aren't fun or worthwhile, but I've never really been into amusement park rides that much anyway. And while WDW offers a far greater range of on-site experience than DL, Los Angeles has ridiculously more to offer in general than does Orlando. We wouldn't be booking dinner reservations 60 days in advance when we could hit luv2eat Thai on Sunset! I have to admit that the fare at DL's Rancho del Zocalo is surprisingly tasty, including the pozole.

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