Edwards Joins Peoples at Depaul: Bigby to USC
by dillon77 (2022-05-20 11:08:25)

So, since I've been doing the A-Z path of recruits for a number of years now, I find I've got to do the same for possible transfers (even if their potential as being Irish may have only been in my/our heads. Insert rolling yes emoji here).

With that in mind:

- Senior Grad Transfer Jade Edwards has transferred from American to play one year at DePaul. She's from the Ravenswood area of Chicago, so her family will get ample opportunity to see her play. She's physically kind of an Anaya Peoples clone, but she can shoot the mid-range jumper.

- Taylor Bigby, who had a cup of frosh coffee at Oregon, is now at University of South California (USC). Never thought she'd head east, but the Irish did spend some time on her during high school, so worth mentioning.

Well, what possible transfers are left that might/kinda (technical term) fit the Irish?

- Sonya Morris, the 5'10" shooting grad transfer from DePaul. Could we have a situation where DePaul taketh, then giveth? Who knows what Morris is after, both athletically and academically, but I'd bet some serious discussions would have to be held on the possibility of getting steady PT.

We've been over this, but the Irish would get one year of a good mid- to outside shooter. Wouldn't hinder any recruiting.

- Jada Peebles, 5'10" all-round junior guard from Illinois. At one point, she was taking over the B1G all-star teams, then slipped back her junior year. Injuries? Issues with Nancy Fahey? Superb athlete who can run, jump, defend (her dad played DB in NFL). Chance: doubtful, because KK Bransford looks set for this role.

- Latisha Lattimore, 6'4" big from Texas and Canada. Cunningham's decision to not have the Irish as a finalist influenced me putting Lattimore on this list. There is a very slim list of 2023 posts available to the Irish now. Lattimore has three years of eligibility. Possibility? On the other hand, Kylee Watson has two definite years and a third possibility, as does Nat Marshall.

- Treasure Hunt, 6'2" forward from Kentucky and Chattanooga, TN. Still surprised to see her open. Didn't shoot well at KY, but played a lot and was tasked with being something of a glue player. Can run the floor and would get a lof of passes from Miles and Citron. Still think Maddy and Sonja will need some rest this year. Hunt could spell both.

That's that. Stay tuned.

In the interim, ND coaches are looking for HS athletes playing on their AAU teams at various places in the US of A. Will see what we can dig up next week.

Dig away. *
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