Ha! Didn't Think It Would Happen This Fast...
by dillon77 (2022-05-21 11:09:48)

In reply to: Ali Patberg joints IU coaching staff  posted by IRISHFAN2008

...I made an offhand comment in some post that I thought Teri Moren would help her get into coaching, given how much Moren liked Patberg I didn't think it would be so fast and so very close to home.

Good for Ali.

(By contrast, Michaela -- who was also very young for a D1, P5 asst. coach -- spent one year as a grad assistant at Miami, an assistant at Miami of Ohio (under Megan Duffy), and one year at LSU under Nikki Fargas as a recruiting coordinator. She then came back to ND when Niele left for the NBA.)