Not Only Coach Ivey, But Lauren Ebo ...
by dillon77 (2022-05-23 18:41:07)
Edited on 2022-05-23 19:11:54

In reply to: Coquese to Rutgers  posted by badelman

...remember, Lauren Ebo's initial (at least) connection to ND is via Coquese Washington, who recruited her to and coached her at Penn State for Ebo's frosh year.

Did Ebo come to ND for Coach Washington? Or to play on another top-notch team for one year that can continue to help Ebo raise her profile. I don't know if she's signed on the dotted line yet for ND. She'd get tons of PT at Rutgers, but Coach Washington is pretty much starting from scratch there.

My gut is Ebo stays to get coached by Coach O, play with 'Liv, Soni and Maddy, and patrol the middle with Kylee.