Some Ideas on ND Assistant Coach....
by dillon77 (2022-05-23 19:22:03)
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As for who would take Coquese's place:
- Coach O will continue to take care of the posts
- Michaela takes care of the wings and off guards
- So, was Coquese coaching the PG's or was Niele working with 'Liv? If the former, do you bring in another PG coach, let Niele do it or just get the best possible candidate.

And is that best possible candidate an ND grad? Maybe yes, maybe no...Niele says she's looking for the "right fit."

I'm going to list some ND grads who are now coaching in D-1 as assistants because, heretofore, Niele has gone with whom she knows. And she knows all of these folks.

- Charel Allen, Class of 2088, Assistant Coach at Fullerton State in California since 2017. She, if I recall correctly, was on the short list when Muffet hired Michaela Mabrey.

- Ashley Barlow, Class of 2010. Was assistant coach on Wright State when they won a game in the NCAA's, then followed Wright State Coach to Memphis State. She's an Indy native who scored 1,000 points at ND, grabbed 500 rebounds and had more than 250 steals and assists. Has handled recruiting.

- Ariel Braker, Class of 2014, two-year starter and multiple-year captain.
Just followed her coach to West Virginia and might very well stay there.

- Markesha Wright, Class of 2015 . Director of Player Personnel at University of Oklahoma, working for Jennie Baranszyk, whom she followed from Drake.

- Melissa Lechlitner-Lewis, Class of 2008, currently Reginal Director of Athletics in Athletic Department. Have no idea if she wants to get back into coaching, but she was the point guard link from Megan Duffy to Skylar Diggins.

- Angie Potthoff-Barber. A Penn State grad but former ND assistant coach now serving as Director of Operations. Worked for Muffet and then left, I believe, to start a family. She came back to fill the Director of Operations slot when the then ND Dr. of Operations fell gravely ill. Have kids grown up? Would she want to coach again? She was a terrific forward at Penn State

And here's an outside the box idea for point guards.

- Lindsay Allen, Class of 2017. Superb point guard who was cut by Indiana Fever and has not gotten re-signed yet. Always struck me as a coach in waiting Who better to advise Miles and Brown? Very, very close to Muffet and Niele.

Has not coached before but her involvement in the pro game in both the WNBA and Aussie leagues keeps her on top of the game and makes her relevant to prospects who have pro aspirations. (Not to mention current players!)

Probably won't happen, but you never know....