Hold on a bit more
by chicos bail bonds (2022-05-24 09:44:27)

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Are you really comparing recruiting women's basketball at Notre Dame to football? I don't even know where to start on this and hope you were kidding. In football, you have to get 15 kids or more every year that are elite against a pool of 30-40 schools that can make a case that they are or can be elite programs with all the requisite resources. Basketball requires about 2-3 elite players each year. Not to mention, there are probably about 15-20 programs at most that would be on par with ND and that used to be about 5-8 until the past few years. That's just scratching the service - I could go into many other factors. I have no idea if Freeman can coach (nor do I know yet if Ivey can), but based on results thus far, Freeman is setting the standard on recruiting in comparison to past history. I would argue Ivey has maintained what McGraw was able to do in terms of recruiting. And this isn't a knock on Ivey - just suggesting that I'll take my chances right now with Freeman as it relates to recruiting.