by irncty99 (2022-05-24 14:18:28)

In reply to: And Emma Risch is no longer in the Top 60  posted by IRISHFAN2008

I'm not going to get into this girl or that girl does or doesn't deserve their ranking. All I'll say is that everyone with influence has figured out how to monetize that influence. There's big business behind it all.

Emma still hasn't been to one of Premier Basketball's events and we haven't seen them at much, if any, of the events we do. I believe we are doing an event in June that may be one of theirs. She also hasn't been to any of Brandon Clay's stuff in years (since 5th grade). We are going to do a weekend individual camp of his in a few weeks. Florida PGH has seen a ton of Emma and BlueStar is very familiar with her as well. That's not to say they are any different, just more familiar. It seems like the people who have seen a lot of her, hold her in high regards.

Since I've followed football recruiting for about 30 years, I like to use football examples. How many times has a 3-star football player turned into an absolute stud in college? It happens quite a bit. Just because a kid didn't go to Rival's camps doesn't mean they aren't good. When I want to get a feel for a kid's abilities, I watch for myself and I look at the offer lists moreso than the ranking. If a 3-star has offers from Alabama, Ohio St. Notre Dame, Georgia, etc, there is a high likelihood he can play.