Charel Allen is my #1 choice to be hired among those with ND
by MPG (2022-05-24 19:57:57)

backgrounds. I like the fact that she has spent five years at Fullerton and been promoted to Associate Head Coach. She could bring some West Coast and international recruiting connections to the Irish. My guess is that she would be a good teacher of the game because she always seemed to be a smart and versatile player at ND.

My wild card for a non-ND addition to the coaching staff would be Jen Hoover who did reasonably well as head coach of Wake Forest and knows the ACC inside and out.

Will Be Interesting To See What Direction Niele Goes...
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... particularly given Baba's post on position-less approach, which would seemingly demand an overall uniform approach to certain skill sets (as opposed to position-by-position). Allen & Barlow has wide-ranging skill sets.

Of course, most posters (me included) want to see the best possible candidate be selected, whether that person has ND background or not.

Jen Hoover is a good thought for a person steeped in the ACC. I thought she did well at her alma mater. It's hard to keep track of younger, qualified assistants at P5 schools because there's so much jockeying and movement to get to the next opportunity. And assistants like Coach O or Chris Dailey seemingly aren't going anywhere.

Sometimes the mid-majors are good places to look, which is another reason why a Charel Allen or Barlow come to mind. Stay tuned.

You’re 1 and 1 *
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