by IRISHLUV23 (2022-05-24 21:35:56)

In reply to: And Emma Risch is no longer in the Top 60  posted by IRISHFAN2008

Whatever the reasons for her rankings, I am truly impressed with her. Watching her Sophomore highlights last year, it was really obvious that she is a really good shooter. I was even more excited after seeing her Junior highlights. Totally unselfish and sees the floor very well. She finishes strongly going to the cup with either hand and will also be a player that will not be afraid of mixing it up in the paint. She also has very active hands on the defensive end.
A real all around player and she is already coming to ND equipped with the Mike hair bun. I am honestly giddy about seeing her in action and playing with Liv, Soni, Maddy, and KK. This should be fun to watch.