Pickles. I Just Had My First of the Season....
by dillon77 (2022-05-25 12:24:34)

In reply to: Perhaps a pita overdose prevented you from postulating point  posted by MPG

..I bring that up to take care of the P requirement and that's about it.
Besides, my favorite peanut butter was just recalled. Damn, back to Skippy.

Very much recall Niele opining (or MPG paraphrasing Niele) that she likes four interchangeable players around a post. Well, easy to say when one of those has PG skills like Olivia. And given that she's bird-dogging Hannah Hidalgo, Lisa Thompson, etc., I think Niele will always make sure one of these four is a lead guard.

That said, that leaves three players to mix and match, with Sonia -- as you point out -- being exhibit A. Players like Emma Risch, Olivia Olson and Jadyn Donovan could very much be similar.

I read and accept many of NDMike's points. Coaches still have to teach/perfect/coach certain skills regardless of what you call the position.

Hmm...another pickle?