True as did the Big East/Big12, & we will see about B10. I
by Domerduck (2023-03-25 23:01:45)

In reply to: I know you love the PAC-X but 3ACC/3B1G/2SEC left.  posted by Cavanaugh82

also love the ACC and both P12/ACC have done well in the NCAAs for years. The ACC has done very well this year and have a chance to have up to 3 teams advance to the F4 and continue the trend. This year no PAC12 team stood out and Stanford fell well short of expectations. For the Big East so did UConn and Nova losing to worse seeds and with the Big12 Texas & Iowa State fell far short.

The Big 10 was expected to have 4 teams make the sweet 16, but #1 Indiana's loss to a 9 seed spoiled that. tOSU's upset of UConn has set them back on schedule with 3 to the Elite 8, but unless one of those teams make the final 4 it will be a big disappointment for that conference as they have such little history of success in the NCAA tourney, The Big10's only championship was 1998 with Purdue and only has had 2 Final 4 appearances since that classic ND/Purdue 2001 championship game.