And Has Also Visited Penn State, Va. Tech...
by dillon77 (2017-04-29 18:28:04)

In reply to: Per Raoul - Samantha Breen is visiting UNC * *  posted by CKDexterHaven she is visiting P5 schools after de-committing from Dayton.

After seeing this post and knocking around the backyard, it strikes me that Breen, a Class of 2017 member, is really best suited to a high post. In 2017, we'll have both Kat and Danielle coming into that slot and in 2018 we'll have Danielle Cosgrove joining Danielle P.

So, position-by-position, there does not seem to be a need per se. But if Bri is not available, we do seem to be "down" in terms of overall numbers.

Still, from what I've heard, coaching staff is aware of her....we'll see what direction they want to go with "staffing" soon, I'm sure, particularly with any 2017 decommits and the high amount of transfers.
Shepard seems to make the most sense of any post if there's mutual interest.