She is (used to it),
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unless she changed her mind or was kidding. I'll repeat much of a post from below:

Anyway, I revisited the 2016 Jordan Brand Classic game where Erin Boley was named the MVP scoring a game high 21 points and grabbing 15 rebounds. Many of those crazy number of rebounds were taken while going up against the number one recruit, Lauren Cox, who said of Boley, “She’s a great rebounder. Great player. It was definitely a battle trying to get those rebounds.”

Boley was quoted as saying, “I think rebounding is a mentality. It’s a matter of wanting the ball. Going in thinking I was going to work harder for it.”

When asked about her coming year at Notre Dame Erin said, “I feel like I’m a little bit versatile, and I know that they’re going to need me to rebound, and they’re going to need me to play good defense if I’m going to get into the game.”