Baba, you are correct about Collier. I was thinking of
by Fighting_Artichoke (2017-05-04 18:45:47)

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Prospects Nation when I recalled she was #1. (She is still #1 there as they have not changed their ratings for a while.) I think she was previously 5th or so in Hoopgurlz, but if you recall she was 7th, you're probably right on that, too! Charli Collier is 2nd on Blue Star.

Other interesting Blue Star ratings:

Jenna Brown is 7th.
Naz Hillmon is 12th.
Jordan Nixon is 13th.
Abby Prohaska is 19th.
Katlyn Gilbert is 20th.
Amira Collins (Tennessee) is 41st.
Danielle Cosgrove is 42nd.
Dara Mabrey is 60th.
Andrea Aquino (Oregon St.) is 72nd.