Number of games + travel
by Orangutan (2017-05-17 18:22:18)

In reply to: 82 games vs. 34  posted by Blarneyman

KMac's team actually won 3 different competitions: Eurocup, Turkish Cup, Turkish League.

There were 26 games in the Turkish regular season plus Yakin Dogu played 10 playoff games. It looks like there were 11 games in the Eurocup - 6 games of group stage and then 5 knockout rounds. The Turkish cup was 3 rounds.

So I make that 50 games that Yakin Dogu played in those 3 competitions. Not sure how many of those KMac played in but it goes to show that a WNBA player playing in Europe could easily reach or exceed 82 games per year.

Then, consider that NBA players are flying on team charters while the WNBA players are flying commercial coach.