Thanks for letting me know
by Orangutan (2017-05-18 11:31:04)

In reply to: If you're going to count playoffs on one side...  posted by Kayo

"I had no idea that the NBA generated more income than the WNBA. I was never good at economics."

Had to borrow that line from our own Brianna Turner.

Anyhow, I'm not saying the women deserve better travel arrangements or whatever just that the travel arrangements that they do have contribute to their bodies getting "beat up".

As to the number of games, my statement was "a WNBA player playing in Europe could easily reach or exceed 82 games per year." It is, of course, correct that players on NBA playoff teams substantially exceed 82 games as well.

My point was that the poster I responded to was substantially understating the number of games a WNBA player who plays in Europe might play, not necessarily that WNBA players play more games than NBA players.