Posts at the Boneyard Bring Up Stanford, Oregon
by dillon77 (2017-05-26 07:40:33)

In reply to: From what I've heard, agree with Indy 77  posted by IAIRISH possible upcoming visits. The opening entry, while it seems third/fourth hand, corresponds with some other notes about interest from/in left-coast schools.

And while I'm not a huge fan of anyone posting similarly-gathered information and/or speculation about interpersonal relationships, there seems to be a correlation between some posts on these boards as to why Erin decided to leave. It could be: considering how critical the coach/player relationship is, it could be the reason determining if a person is happy or not. And, as KMac and/or Natalie said in the Observer article posted here a few weeks ago, MM's style is not for everyone.

On the other hand, it could be a totally different reason.

In any case, it looks like Erin's "gap" has more to do with doing due diligence and if these visits check out, it looks like location/proximity to home is not an overwhelming factor thus far. Plus, it certainly does not look like she's going to have second thoughts about least not now.

As for the Irish, the fact that the university placed no restrictions on her transfer probably shows that they're not expecting any U-turns in the near future, as well.

Best luck to Erin and her family...hope she finds what she's looking for.