I've had some of these same thoughts on transfers
by NDoggie78 (2017-05-30 08:51:11)

In reply to: I've been debating with myself about broaching this topic  posted by Kayo

Like you said, no specific information on any of these transfers at any of these schools. But it does seem like there is a greater percentage of gay women in professional sports than the overall percentage. No scientific study, just what I've read on WNBA and LPGA. Not any of my business and I don't care one way or the other - has nothing to do with enjoying watching the competition.

But it's a subject no one wants to broach, yet it could be a contributing factor - who knows

It's a pretty big step to leave a place you have spent time, uproot, go somewhere new where you may not know anyone, sit out a year, and hope you made the right decision and are somewhere where you are more comfortable. My point, transfers must have good reasons to go through all that and they aren't obligated to give us those reasons (as much as we'd all like to know)