I should have been booted long ago. This will probably do it
by BabaGhanouj (2017-05-31 17:23:40)
Edited on 2017-06-01 08:05:47

This confessional was inspired by 2ndstreeter’s sentiments, “I don't agree with this new thought process of approach towards women's basketball…. I’ll certainly go along with whatever decorum…posters here favor, but I don’t think this is on the right track.”

That got me thinking, so I reread the “Rules for the NDNation Forums” to determine how many I have blatantly broken in the past year. Per my results, I should say my goodbye’s now.

First of all, I was surprised to find there are 30 rules! That’s just too many to keep. Let’s take a sample.

No. 9 — No obscene material or references.
I’m clean. Good luck to the board operators where the Supreme Court has struggled.

No. 10 — No blatant insults (e.g. “You’re stupid”).
Thankfully I’ve never called anyone stupid (except myself), but I did call someone “insane”. Oops!

No. 11 — No mindless flaming or flame-baiting.
I’m safe here, as I never do anything mindlessly. I can’t say the same for all the other idiots.

No. 13 — No long subject lines.
Call the cops! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve modified a subject line to get it to just fit within the limit.

No 14 corollary — (Yes, there are corollaries to the rules) The concept of “recruits read this board so talk nice” is not considered valid.
Huh? Here’s where, if I’m reading him correctly, 2ndstreeter kicks in. All of us posters, perhaps, have been too nice…to the team, to recruits, to everyone and everything. It’s a tough world out there. We need to harshen our talk before the recruits come…so they don’t leave.

No. 15 — No reproduction of subscription site material.
Have I included NYT quotes or ratings from subscription sites?

No. 17 — Soliciting personal information from board participants is the height of rudeness.
I recently asked if dillon’s daughter hung out with the team. Another bootable offense.

No. 18 — People who claim special connection to any ND athletic program should expect some kind of vetting
I’ve been particularly observant of this rule, but learned that dillon helped start the women’s intramural league. He’s in trouble.

No. 23 — Posts that utilize excessive “AOL chat speak” or similar abbreviations/emoticons/etc. will be deleted without warning.
Hear! Hear! (Does anyone know what “AOL chat speak” is? omg, lmao) Sixtythreer, the next time you use a ;-) to signify humor, it will be deleted!

24 — “Perspective” posts are forbidden. Don't patronize the group with your personal moral about how there are more important matters in life than Notre Dame sporting events. It's insulting and unnecessary. Everyone here realizes the relative importance of sports.
Hmm…so, in other words, the board is telling us we are all losers, but don’t let on. I dare you to tell that to Rock’s House.

25 — “I was angry/frustrated/[insert other euphamism[sic] for pissed off here]" are never validations for posting anything. (emphasis and misspelling theirs).
OK, I like the rule, but it really gets my knickers in a swivet when I can’t post away my frustrations.

26 — Levels of intoxication are not a valid excuse for violations…. You will be held just as responsible for your actions as you would sober.

No. 27 — We do not permit speculation on personal issues pertaining to Notre Dame student athletes, including (but not limited to) transfer possibilities and injuries. The only people who would have factual knowledge on such topics would be the student athlete him or herself and his or her family, advisor, physician, etc. Since they're not available to participate in the conversation, any discussion that did take place would be worthless and without factual basis.
A.K.A the Kayo rule. As if they needed another rule to boot me.

Well, if I have to go, at least I’ve relieved a lot of frustration. That’s my perspective anyway for not posting anything about sports’ trivia.