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by dillon77 (2017-06-05 10:09:43)
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I'm basing my comments on this quote, as well as previously mentioned clips:
“My skills fit into the offense they run and that offense will allow me to play on the perimeter and in the post.” -- Jessica Shepard

My thinking is based more on Kat than Erin. Goes like this....
Do you know the way Kat generally starts at the foul line, but sometimes goes down low (particularly when Bri or Koko is not in), or out of the lane to the baseline or the wing (which I think of as being in the land 45-degrees between post/elbow and baseline)?

Kat does this in an orderly fashion by design and feel. Once or twice she'll surprise Coach and pop a three, but she seems to know her range pretty well.

Shepard can do this, too, but she frequents the lane from high to low post. Against some teams she'll be a beast down low both on "O" and on bhe boards. Yet she can do the perimeter jumper...in fact, she likes it. However, I'll bet a beer-tent that MM has the Kat-like range in mind, not Erin's 3-point bombs.

Sheppard -- and Chartrice White to a degree - took a lot of three's at Nebraska and Illinois, respectively, in part because there were not a lot of other options on their last years at the respective teams. That freedom and range changed for White at FSU where I rarely saw her outside of the post. For Jessica, I'll think she'll play more within the confines of the offense and what the defense gives her -- the latter helped along by her teammates creating open space. If she can accept and adjust on the fly, I think there will be a lot of options there. Plus she has her post game to fall back on, not only defensively but rebounding, which is something she does well.

The weather at reunion could not have been more perfect from Thursday evening until the time we rolled out at 8 a.m. on Sunday: clear, not-humid, sunny and temps from 70 to 84. Save for open-houses, spent a lot of time outdoors. Bicycled out to the numerous new far reaches (farquaads, to borrow the phrase from the ND alums who created Shrek) of campus. Gosh, there could be a new zip code past the library. Only started raining in Ohio on trip back east.

Digger Phelps gave the keynote for our class dinner, focusing on his new book on Fr. Hesburgh. He was on his game. We had more than 400+ attendees, which is more than 1/4 of the current class. Good time.