Not to belabor a point,
by BabaGhanouj (2017-08-09 01:03:59)
Edited on 2017-08-10 13:35:08

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which, of course, is exactly what I am doing, but only in hope of coming to some agreement, else we have sadly wasted our time. I can’t state any purpose of diverse coaches, teammates, and the USA basketball organization “absolutely”, but I can agree that the “the primary purpose [of the Japan tournament] is to evaluate possible future national team members” (as well as win!). I also think you’re dead on and quite profound in saying that “it fits with USA BB’s stated intent to establish a developmental program to replace the past practice of simply picking an all star team…with little history of playing together.”

That’s a noble goal and it’s being served well here. However, that is the purpose of the Japan tournament, not the Colorado trials. The first step was to pick the team that would play together. Unfortunately, the 5 invitees you mention will not be getting that history of playing together. While I agree with your statements, I hope those 5 aren’t completely eliminated from future consideration because they won’t have that history. The sentiment is noble, but circumstances arise. I’d like UConn players to be considered even if it goes against the attitude of not simply picking an all star team.

We probably agree there too.