The shot clock violation
by SixShutouts66 (2017-08-10 23:55:12)

In reply to: She just had her worst game of the season, Wings lost at  posted by 1NDGal

I agree Skylar didn't have a great game, especially making layups. I don't think the shot clock violation late in regulation was a bad play. Dallas had an out-of-bounds with 3 seconds left. Skylar was the in-bounder and received a return pass at the 3 point lane. I'm not sure if the play allowed her the option of driving in thsi case. She drove and shot right at the 24-second clock timer expiration; and the shot couldn't have been more than .2 sseconds late.

The last paly in OT was bad. Dallas stiole the ball with about 15 seconds left. Skylar seemed late getting downcourt and got guarded. She wasn't quick getting the ball passed and they didn't get a shot.

Jewel is having more problems late in games unfortunately.