Too many People(s) Around in South Bend....
by dillon77 (2017-08-12 09:02:21)

In reply to: Cross Ashley Owusu off the list, if she was ever on.  posted by BabaGhanouj come, even if there was interest at some point. As much as I've read good things and seen fine tape (oops, digital) highlights about Ms. Owosu, I'm guessing MM and Niele are quite pleased Anaya is committed.

Interesting situation at Maryland. In 2018, Coach Brenda has Taylor Mikesell committed at point guard. Mikesell isn't quite as highly rated as Owosu, but she is in Top 20 lists of some services and isn't chopped liver. Plus she was an early commit to Coach Brenda. Now with Owosu signed on, I wonder if we might see a rethinking of that commitment (which could possibly parallel a certain situation closer to home). Just thinking because in this day and age, it seems prospects will walk.

Looking forward to seeing if Christyn Williams will make the official visit (and hopefully O N-O), too.