I'm thinking another big in 2018 is not a critical need
by Dave Winkler (2017-08-19 14:50:15)

In reply to: "...if there is mutual interest."  posted by dillon77

ND will have Shepard, Cosgrove, Patterson and Vaughn. It's also looking more and more like Turner won't be playing this season. Muffet is also qouted in the article as saying it's not fair to Brianna to throw her out there in January, even if she's ready. The question would be does she then come back for another year of school or just turn pro? All indications are she loves the school so I think she would return.

So then how many bigs does ND pursue in the '19 class? Has to be at least one. Turner would definitely be gone and maybe Shapard depending on her status for this season. Do we consider Brunelle to primarily play the 4 or the 3 as a tall wing? From what I've read she can probably play either position.