Culling. Such a Cool Word....
by dillon77 (2017-08-23 08:45:21)

In reply to: Good news! I've given up Raoul. Thanks for culling. *  posted by sixtythreer

One that is not used as often as it once was but is absolutely spot-on in this era of internet-based research.

verb (used with object)
to choose; select; pick.
to gather the choice things or parts from.
to collect; gather; pluck.

Thanks 63'er for plugging it back into my (active) vocabulary.
(You can tell this is a slow time in women's hoops!)

Looking at September, it looks like
- Christyn Williams will visit Tennessee, then us and UConn sometime after that.
- Jordan Nixon comes to South Bend, then UVA and Georgia?

Williams falls in the Walker/Westbrook category of player so I'm not getting too high or too low about her.
On the other hand, I'm hoping Nixon/ND fall for each other big time in early September. MM seems set on another true point guard and it would be superb to get one of Nixon's ilk if it works out.

Off to culling some more....