Good To Have All Three Commits On Campus...
by dillon77 (2017-09-04 07:49:06)
Edited on 2017-09-04 07:54:04

In reply to: Cosgrove, Prohaska, and Gilbert  posted by Orangutan the same time:
- Get to Know Each Other;
- Good solid ! about the commitment to ND;
- Could help with Jordan Nixon for her to see whom she'd be spending four years with.

Regarding the pix:
- yeah, I don't think I've ever seen Miss Gilbert with her hair not in "ball-playing" situations.
- Danielle Cosgrove is "one tall drink of water."
- And Abby Prohaska obviously has a buttoned-down, shy personality :-)

Glad to see all three aboard and hope the visit/vibes were good for Jordan Nixon and her family.