Sometimes interest isn't reciprocated
by Kayo (2017-09-04 17:59:26)

In reply to: That's too bad. I saw that the Irish never even offered her!  posted by Fighting_Artichoke

And sometimes that lack of reciprocal interest is expressed early in the recruiting process.

In some cases, it's geography. Some don't want to go to a Catholic school, Notre Dame or any other. Considering ND's involvement with large numbers of highly rated recruits before lists are pared every year, it's likely that there was contact; so I just assume Ms Puisis was not gung ho for Notre Dame. That's fine. The ND program has a lot to offer a young woman in terms of the entire basketball experience, but the university is not for everyone.

Also consider grades as a possible issue. I wouldn't know about Puisis academically, but women's basketball is no different than other sports. Notre Dame can't recruit every top prospect. The percentage of top women's basketball players McGraw and staff can recruit is much higher than the men's percentage of recruits who can clear admissions, but it isn't 100%.

Don't be surprised when ND doesn't offer a top recruit. Be impressed that the staff manages to be involved with so many top recruits.