Seems Like a Lot of Factors Helped FSU
by dillon77 (2017-09-05 08:43:27)

In reply to: That's too bad. I saw that the Irish never even offered her!  posted by Fighting_Artichoke

in regards to Sammie Puisis, ranging from her brother and sister playing collegiate sports in Florida to the assistant coach that recruited her coming from southern Ohio. (Ironically, she played at Lakota West, which I believe is Abby Prohaska's high school.).

As Kayo said, maybe a whole lot of other factors came into play as well, from grades to whether she liked ND.

She certainly looked like the kind of player that would fit it, but the fact that ND didn't offer her shows something was a bit off from the get go.

The fact that they did with Prohaska, who is not rated has highly, piques my interest even further in Abby.

The good news is there are a lot of very good wings/big guards in the Class of 2019 and I'll bet MM & Niele have a set pecking list.

Now, we can get back to seeing what they do with the remainder of those open slots in the Class of 2018 :-)