thx. Regarding Faith Masonius...
by dillon77 (2017-09-08 09:09:20)

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..thanks for the information. There's a poster over at the Boneyard -- charliebball -- who also has an interest in NJ Women's Basketball and his daughter attends a number of Tiny Green's events. Charlie passed along that information once. He also has shared that Mom/Geno connections aside, there does not appear to be any connecting going on thus far, unless they're keeping it very under the covers, a la the Mabrey family.

The Masonius/Manasquan/Mabrey connection is even more thorny, as you probably know. Mrs. Masonius was a Clarke before getting married and her sibling's kid (Faith's cousin) -- Stella -- was Manasquan's point guard and will play for either BU or Northeastern this fall. Small world on the shore!

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