ND women playing OSU Beavers in Corvallis Nov 19...at least
by Domerduck (2017-09-10 23:04:00)

per the official Oregon State official website for their 17/18 schedule linked. They are also playing Duke in Durham NC a week later on Nov 25. I couldn't find anything from ND verifying this. With the ND men's schedule out I assume the women's schedule should be out soon. I also assume the Beavers committed to a trip to South Bend in the future.

The Willamette Valley will have some great women's college teams playing in 6 days in November this year. ND/OSU on Sunday 11/19 in Corvallis, then UConn vs Michigan State and Oregon vs Oklahoma in Eugene on Saturday 11/25 for the PK80 invitational honoring Phil Knight. I hope to go to all of those games.