Christyn Williams replaces ND visit with S. Carolina visit.
by Fighting_Artichoke (2017-09-12 15:24:38)

She hosted South Carolina with a home visit a few days ago and obviously Christyn changed her mind on ND. On one hand, it's very disappointing. On the other hand, if ND was ranked last of 5 finalists, we weren't going to get her, so it's best that we didn't bother with a visit.

So I guess now we're down to only Jordan Nixon to fill out the class of 2018 class (unless we're in Dara's final two teams).

Better To Find Out in Early September...
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...during a contact period, which allows college coaches face-to-face contact at home, high school, etc. If MM and Niele want to fill out (heck, even just add to) this class, they might well have to do serious s road trippin' before the early signing period.

As for the true "point guard," I'm not aware of anyone outside of Jordan Nixon, who has campus visits to Virginia this weekend and Georgia the one after.

If ND is not part of Dara's alleged final two and Dara is firm on that, then we're done there. On the other hand -- if there's any wiggle room -- it would certainly be worth a phone call and/or plane ride if there's a possibility.

One other thought: the 5'10" shooting guard, Arieal Scott of Illinois, who at one time was committed to Duke (apparently a mutual choice to decommit).

As for Williams, it's disappointing that we didn't get a chance "to show what we've got." On the other hand, like FA said, probably better to find out now and not waste time/energy and hope on the scheduled Sept. 30th trip.

Last thought: If we can't find someone with mutual interest in us this year, work that deep Class of 2019 array of guards and wings early and often to join Anaya Peoples. Use this contact period for next year, as well as this one. In 2018-19, we will have Marina and Arike back for their senior year, Jackie in her junior year and Katlyn and Abby as frosh.
But we'll need folks badly in Fall 2019.

Any news on ND home visits? It is not surprising that
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Williams dropped ND. Ending the Final Four streak two years ago seems to have hurt the recruitment of top ten players. Apparently Williams and DaCosta will visit Tenn. and So. Car. together. I don't know how Tenn. is a contender for so many top recruits, given Warlick's coaching...

Jordan Nixon would be a great addition, but UVA is going to be tough to beat.

Dara Mabrey?

As you noted, the 2019 class just became more important!

Location. Social life.
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Same thing's that are in play for the men.It's why I never felt Megan Walker was a serious option for ND. Add in NDWBB really is kind of opposite from football and MBB. Their recruiting is more regional than national. The Midwest and East. Brianna Turner being a notable exception among the more heralded prospects. The only consistent change I've seen since Skylar is that they get visits and interest from areas further away. But they are still more likely to sign players from specific areas.

14 years ago Candace Parker looked at Iowa and Purdue, but not ND, even though she'd go on to become an Academic AA. That wouldn't happen today.

Winning the National Championship seems to
by sixtythreer  (2017-09-13 12:33:43)     cannot delete  |  Edit  |  Return to Board  |  Ignore Poster   |   Highlight Poster  |   Reply to Post

quickly help recruiting.

How about coaching in the Olympics and in other international competition?

Well, Dawn Staley Has Recently Done Most of Those
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as well as having also been a player on such teams.
Louisville's Jeff Walz is now moving up the chain in international coaching, which might help put him over the top on a lot of these high-level recruiting battles.

Still, that does not explain how Tennessee continues to draw in high-level recruiting classes with -- thus far -- nothing to show for it recently. And while Baylor has a few NC's of their own, I think the regional element (Texans love Texas) helps them, Texas and Texas A&M quite a bit. And Texas is producing a lot of good hoopsters.

While we have not won a national championship since 2001, the string of Final Fours helped immensely. We were one point away last season under a less than optimal situation.

MM & Niele still have time to get another member(s) of the class of 2018, but -- as MM pointed out -- it's imperative to have strong mutual interest. Hoping that can certainly be the case for Jordan Nixon.