Ha! That's where my mind has been going.
by BabaGhanouj (2018-02-07 13:53:27)
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I started a post on Samantha Brunelle, but somehow Heidegger made an appearance so that was scrapped. Now that baby Brunney has embraced Notre Dame (at least the gear), I've been looking more closely at her. She has her own kind of fire and intensity. After practically every made shot (not even her own) she flexes and pumps her arms low. She gets excitedly into the game.

Since she is an all around player, something she relishes, she wants to play on a team with a true post. She really likes playing with Aliyah Boston, the post on the USA U16 team.

And, of course, she does her chores on the farm and raises money for charities. Will she be valedictorian and prom queen like Erin? I wouldn't bet against it.