My real class was '63, but did combo law.
by sixtythreer (2018-02-07 19:17:09)

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In those days a women's basketball team at ND was an impossibility. Heck, we even voted down using the St. Mary's girls as our cheerleaders!

In those days it was mainly football - if it could be called that, during the Joe and Hugh era.

I am a late-comer to women's basketball. Became interested only when my daughter started playing as
a little girl.

Although I watched our only Naional. Championship, I Really became interested about 5 or 6 years ago.

I have come to love this board. My most important daily reading! I watch every game televised,
and thoroughly enjoy Dillon, Kayo, RI Steve, BabaGhanouj, Fighting Irish Radio, and all the rest of you.