Yikes. My Interest/Involvement Predates the Varsity...
by dillon77 (2018-02-08 08:14:35)
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- I knew two of the girls/students that helped start the club team that morphed into the varsity team.
- One of the club coaches -- Jeannie Earley -- was my sister's high school coach. She came to ND for a grad degree and coached them for fun.
- Friends followed the girls in cars to their first away schedule, including a game in a gym across from the state prison in Joliet, Illinois.
- My senior year I coached a team of Lyons Hall freshman girls that won the Interhall championship (included Bruce Flowers' younger sister). My starting backcourt ended up playing for the club/varsity team.
- I'm still good friends with both of those women and see one of them every fall at a football game (she was also on the Volleyball Club).

After that, I didn't follow much until the Morgan/Gaither years and have been steady since then.