Funny how different circles intersect...
by dillon77 (2018-02-08 11:18:44)

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..all these girls were probably class of 1980, right? The third guard of the bunch asked me to come to their reunion more than a decade ago to celebrate that team. I couldn't make it because of a business trip, but it was fun to hear from them.

They were known as Lyons II. Lyons I were all seniors and most were friends of mine. Little did my friends know that I had some serious players on the team.

During bookstore basketball, the club team played Lyons II and the frosh girls played them equally until the last few minutes. That's when Michelle and Gina caught the attention of the club...soon to be varsity team.

If you ever run into Brian and Gina, tell her you "know" her Lyons Hall B-Ball coach. It should get a chuckle (I hope :-0 )