Early 1980s here
by TimNeely (2018-02-08 22:06:33)
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I first started to follow ND women's basketball when I was a student. The first game I went to was on Saturday, December 12, 1981, when ND had a men-women doubleheader against Northern Illinois. Most of the fans left after the men's game, which the men lost.

I had met a member of the team in one of my classes, and she invited me to come watch the team play. I had wanted to go out with her, but though we were friendly, she wouldn't. Oh well. I still became one of the 150-200 fans in the stands during the early Mary DiStanislao days until about 1983-84.

I included three chapters on the early days of women's basketball at ND, plus a complete list of scores and alphabetical all-time rosters (including the club years) in my 1985 book "Hooping It Up: The Complete History of Notre Dame Basketball."