Beth Cunningham's decision to back away from head coach
by DBCSMITH (2018-02-09 09:31:57)

In reply to: A Look at MM's Coaching Tree, With An Eye To the Future  posted by dillon77

to assistant at Notre Dame was not driven by wanting to escape head coaching. She loved it and was good at it. It was more about changing her priorities in life, having children and the time to be a great mother. ND assistant was a great place to stay in the game but yet have the time to do the family thing with a nurturing mother/grandmother figure in Muffet. I would look at her as a great future coach that can really help develop players to not only be great in basketball but great in life. She is the kind of role model any parent would want for their kids. Niele to an extent has hung araound raising her son with the support of her ND family. I bet many a player has baby sat for her along the way.