Thoughts on 2018 women's BB HOF
by SixShutouts66 (2018-02-12 21:40:49)

The 2018 inductees included Mickey DeMoss, long-time right hand assistant to Pat Summit, and Chris Dailey, Geno's long-time assistant head coach. I'm sure both women contributed significantly to the success of those programs; but their only head coaching experience was a 4 year stint at Kentucky by DeMoss. From an outsider's viewpoint, it seems hard to justify the selections.

In some other sports there is a clear definition of responsibilities that could justify an HOF selection for long-time assistants (Joe Moore or Bud Foster in FB, a batting or hitting coach in BB et cetera). I also realize that Pat or Geno would have replaced them if they wereen't top notch. It just seems to me that these selections to the HOF are questionable - but maybe t here's stuuf that the casual fan is not aeare of.